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You know me?

Hello, I am an Engineer by profession and Photography is my hobby. I’m based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I am doing some outdoor street-style shoots around the Colombo city area and portrait shoots. As I’m a student when it comes to photography focusing on Portrait and Fashion looking to build my portfolio, I am offering no charge Photoshoots at this moment.

So, what’s the deal?
Free Foto by JJ

I offer photography sessions for free, and each session includes a free full resolution digital image. I own a professional grade camera and some basic lighting equipment. I will bring all the photography equipment needed for the shoot and should you require a specific resolution or lighting, then we will have to rent it at your cost. Depending on your requirements, I would be able to suggest the set-up and cost involved, if any.

As far as the copyright goes, the photographer(me) and the model(s)(you) would have the right to use photographs. I will require a model release form signed with your conditions added.

Expect nothing less.

My first priority is fun. As long as we could create an atmosphere where nobody has to force a smile, and we spent enough time imagining the photograph we want to create, we could shoot something special. I am looking to create something that would wow people and live with you and me forever. So, your enthusiasm, communication/cooperation and creativity are as important as mine. I like to create the shoot experience as a travel-like adventurous experience.

What is the process?

Prior to the shoot, we could discuss the ideas over the phone or via email. From my experience, I would be able to give my input to make your dream photo a reality. We could talk about the colours, themes, attire, make-up, styles and the probs. Make - up, Fashion accessories and garments and other props would be your responsibility the ideas we come up with.

I love to travel, but depending on our convenience, I could visit you for your photography session in the comfort of your own home, or we can meet in a location that we'll choose together. I love discovering new places and would like to know any suggestions you might have.

You're absolutely welcome to bring your friends or family along as long as they would not interrupt our creative process. As long as we can have fun and produce some good images, that’s all there is to it.

The Free Foto project of mine is suitable for Social Media Influencers, actors, models, fashion designers, students, those on a budget, personal use, family portraits, confidence building, those who look to build a portfolio or just a fun experience with an acquaintance. This is a great opportunity to get involved in a fun lifestyle brand and gain some premium lifestyle shots for your portfolio.

Once I have finished taking your photo, I will take my time correcting colour, adjusting perspective and editing(minimal), if necessary. I will send you the finished - up photos via email or google drive. Unless you want to print the photo in a massive billboard, the resolution I send you would be more than enough for any use (E.g.: Prints, Magazine, Social Media post or Profile pictures, Web galleries and for flex printing)

Ok. Now it would be great if you could fill in the form below including 1) your contact details 2) availability 3) a quick description of yourself and 4) the shoot requirement.

If you wish to see my portfolio and/ or have any questions, feel free to visit photography or follow me on Instagram or